Help readers keep up on your life and your books.  The LATEST NEWS page automatically organizes newsletter messages that you write.  A brief introduction is listed directly on the LATEST NEWS page.  Readers click on the introduction to read the full article.

Here's the process:

  1. In your WEBSITE CONTROL PANEL, click on NEWSROOM and open up EDIT PAGE.  Write your introduction below these instructions and UPDATE PAGE.  When you've completed this list of instructions you can delete the instruction list.
  2. Choose ADD AN ITEM.  Give your article a title.  Type a brief introduction which will show on the NEWSROOM page.  Then type your article in the workspace.
  3. In the ADD AN ITEM window you can also select the number of articles that you want to display on the website.  The News Ticker can be activated on your home page by calling technical support at 509-682-2519
  4. If you are going to create a PRESS ROOM, make sure and avoid confusion with the NEWSROOM by titling it UPDATES or something similar.


Dec 3, 2004
This is where you can type a short description of your news release.