Jessica Seymour


Growing up in the small town of Belfair, WA, Jessica has a fond heart for the area and the people and has seen all the beauty Washington has to offer. When Jessica is not working hard to find you a home or selling she might be seen at a theater stage on or off, at an art event, creating something new, or even at a comic con. Taking inspiration from the surrounding environment, Jessica has a passion for creating beautiful things whether it's art or creating the perfect comfortable home you dream of. She is dedicated to making you feel understood, heard, and ultimately excited for the future in your new home. Jessica personally knows that the financial stability in a home and life means everything in this day and age. She has the knowledge and amazing team of the Silverdale branch of Renaissance Real Estate, behind her to get you to where you want to be. .

Position: Broker
Cell: 360-801-0814