Kevin Austin & Linsey Collier


Kevin and Linsey are a husband & wife Real Estate team and we believe your dreams are
closer than you realize. Everyone, no matter their starting point, deserves a place to call
home, a sanctuary. A refuge from the outside world. We believe that your home should
provide you with peace and security as well as long term financial stability. We know all too
well how unsettling it is when you don’t have a permanent place to call your own and
because of this, our goal is to shoulder the burden of the homebuying/selling process and
provide you with an enjoyable, stress free experience while we help you harness you wealth
& assets in order to build a stable and lasting future in a home you never want to leave.
We do this by making YOUR goal OUR goal. Unlike most real estate agents, you aren’t just a
number or $ to us. We love building lasting relationships and being your go-to advisors not
only when you’re buying/selling but for all the years in between too.
We’re local, born and raised and that’s why we love Selling The PNW.


Cell Phone 253-370-6240 Kevin & 509-499-2389 Linsey